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Overview of FreeBSD Development Projects

April 24th, 2010 | Posted by fireball in Uncategorized

FreeBSD Development Projects

In addition to the mainstream development path of FreeBSD, a number of developer groups are working on the cutting edge to expand FreeBSD’s range of applications in new directions. Follow the links below to learn more about these exciting projects.
If you feel that a project is missing, please send the URL and a short description (3-10 lines) to

In addition, some of these projects regularly submit status reports, which can be viewed on the status reports page.

* Documentation
* Advocacy
* Applications
* Networking
* Storage
* Kernel and Security
* Device drivers
* Architecture
* Misc
* Google Summer of Code 2008
* Google Summer of Code 2007
* Google Summer of Code 2006
* Google Summer of Code 2005


* FreeBSD Documentation Project: The FreeBSD Documentation Project is a group of people who maintain and write the documentation (such as the Handbook and FAQ) for the FreeBSD project. If you want to help with the documentation project, subscribe to the mailing list and participate.
* FreeBSD Resources for Newbies: A list of resources to help those new to FreeBSD and UNIX® in general.
* RELEASE/SNAP finder for FreeBSD FTP servers: A resource that would allow anyone to find a FTP server that contains particular releases and SNAP of FreeBSD. The database is updated daily at 3am Melbourne time (10 hours ahead of UTC).
* The FreeBSD Diary: A collection of how-to entries aimed at UNIX novices. The aim is to provide a set of step-by-step guides to installing and configuring various ports.
* The FreeBSD Developers’ Handbook
* Contributing to the FreeBSD Ports Collection

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