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Putins Werbefahrt

September 7th, 2010 | Posted by fireball in Odds & Sodds - (0 Comments)

Putin auf Werbefahrt für Lada und in eigener Sache. Das staatliche Fernsehen begleitet ihn auf seiner Tour mit einem kanariengelben Lada Kalina (“Sportwagen”) und zeigt ihn, wie er selber tankt und einen Lappen vom Tankwart holt um die Scheibe zu putzen. Er möchte damit zeigen “ich bin einer von euch”, einer vom Volk und packe zu.



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Storm Scout

June 22nd, 2010 | Posted by fireball in Odds & Sodds - (0 Comments)

Screen black, burnt smell and steaming hot air coming out of the case – the fan broke and the power supply got busted! What to do?

My original Arctic Silentium T2 had a built-in custom factored PSU, which made it nearly impossible to replace it, without spare parts from the supplier (which are not available by our vendor).

While I’m not the case modder freak or anything, my only option was to buy a new case which was a worthy replacement and not too expensive and my eye (and feature sense) fell in love with the Cooler Master Storm Scout.

After assembling it carefully over hours, I’m quite convinced of that rig. I thought I could as well share some pictures…

I must add, that the cooling which the new case offers is enormous and specially for gaming and when the air around it becomes hotter, this is the ideal solution as you can basically fit in as many fans as anyone could think of.


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